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Laser Cut State Necklaces

  • $30.00

Alabama - wood
Alabama - mirrored acrylic
Arizona - wood
Arkansas - wood
Arkansas - mirrored acrylic
California - wood
California - mirrored acrylic
Colorado - wood
Colorado - mirrored acrylic
Connecticut - wood
Delaware - wood
Florida - wood
Florida - mirrored acrylic
Georgia - wood
Georgia - mirrored acrylic
Idaho - wood
Illinois - wood
Illinois - mirrored acrylic
Indiana - wood
Indiana - mirrored acrylic
Iowa - wood
Iowa - mirrored acrylic
Kansas - wood
Kentucky - wood
Kentucky - mirrored acrylic
Louisiana - wood w/ heart
Louisiana - wood w/ fleur de lis
Louisiana - mirrored acrylic w/ heart
Louisiana - mirrored acrylic w/ fleur de lis
Maine - wood
Maine - mirrored acrylic
Massachusetts - wood

States of Love Laser cut necklaces feature most of our great 50 US states in a laser cut pendant with cut out heart (or 2 hearts for states that are more horizontally oriented) hanging on a 18” sterling silver chain Available in laser cut wood, mirrored acrylic, or neon acrylic (pink, green, yel/or) A portion of all profits is donated to programs that keep arts in schools.


Item Fit / Dimensions: laser cut wood, mirrored acrylic, or neon acrylic on 18" sterling silver chain

Made In: United States