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Top 3 Colors of Summer

Frankie Crystal

Summer have just arrived and with it comes a new set of colors taking over not only the fashion world but our hearts as well. This year's top 3 summer colors are just about everywhere and they're prettier, lovelier, and sweeter than ever!  

This summer of 2018, wearing one solid color from head-to-toe seems to be the trend, so this means keeping an eye on our top 3 summer colors and remembering them by heart whenever you go on a shopping spree.  

If you’re into edgy and dark colors in clothing, it's time to swap your closet filled of your dark color ensemble and make room for some bright, cheerful, summer colors! And if you’re into a lot of pastel, bright, and vivid colors in clothing, then you’re in luck because the top 3 on the list will just make your eyes flutter and your heart swoon!  

Bubble Gum Pink 

I’m sorry to burst your bubble but Millennial Pink is so 2017! Bubble Gum Pink is the new pink to embrace and to fill our closets with. Although pink in general symbolizes women empowerment, this bold hue in the family of pinks particularly screams strength because of its bold and bright shade. Some celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Emma Watson have been seen wearing this shade not only on their outfits but also in their hair, so why not give it a try right? 

Sunshine Yellow 

Doesn't looking at yellow make your energy levels soar to a new high? I don't know about you, but I just love the summer feel of seeing sunshine yellow on my clothing. It's the color of flowers, of my favorite smiley, of ripe bananas, of sweetmangoes, and all other things that I love about summer. Aside from that, this shade of yellow seems to go well with just about any other color in the spectrum. Go ahead, try it out for yourself!

 Ethereal Lavender 

Ultra-violet has been named as 2018 Pantone Color of the Year and the Soft Lilac, the light variation of ultra-violet won the hearts of designers such as Michael Kors, Victoria Beckham, Versace, and Ulla Johnson on this year’s Spring/Summer runway. And why not? This softer shade of violet is just ethereal! Lavender, lilac, or whatever you would want to call it, this light and airy color is just the perfect cool hue for a cool and refreshing summer vibe.  

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